The Right Hand

The left hand traditionally represents love and marital status; but our right hand represents our spirit and soul, our independence, our style. Wide silver bands

Vintage rings

Right hand rings show the individuality of the wearer. Your right hand says ME.

Vintage wedding bands

sterling silver rings

We wear these rings to celebrate an accomplishment, recognize a milestone, or record a moment. What story do you want to tell? You reached all your goals at work in 2014. You have a strong marriage. You love being independent. You have well mannered, smart, kind kids. You ran your first marathon. You graduated. You have a new job. You had a great year. You are glad the year is over. Maybe you just want to remind yourself that you are special and incredible. Whatever your story is a right hand ring is a beautiful way to celebrate you.

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One of a kind wedding bands

We gals at Ooh! Aah! love rings and we would love to help you build or find your perfect ME ring.