Designer Spotlight: Beatriz Ball



The Beatriz Ball metalware collection has a perfect blend of modern glamour and organic shapes. The founder was inspired to start her line while working with metalware artisans in Mexico City in the early 1990s.

The line is still produced in Mexico using an ancient technique called sand casting. Molds are formed from sand and the molten metal is poured into them. Then each piece goes through four levels of polishing to give it a mirror-like finish.






We carry a variety of bowls and serving platters made with this amazing process. Every piece is completely handmade and twelve different people will work on it during the course of production!

Each piece has slight variations because of the sand casting process, which adds to their charm. Beatriz Ball metalware is made from high quality 100% recycled aluminum and requires no polishing or maintenance like silver serving platters do. You can even bake in them!

We love these for wedding gifts—minimalist and organic, they appeal to many tastes and are useful. The bowls work great for storing jewelry too! Beatriz Ball metalware is eco-friendly and durable, making them a lasting addition to any home. Our favorite pieces are her uniquely shaped bowls.











Process images copyright Beatriz Ball