20% off during Labra-palooza at the Art Walk!


If you've walked into our shop before, chances are you've made contact with our store favorite stone, labradorite. With it's neutral base and colorful flashes, labradorite is great with any outfit, on any occasion. 

This month, we want to celebrate all of you labradorite-lovers and the Tennyson First Friday Art Walk, so we are having a one night only sale! On Friday, August 4th, you can snag a labradorite piece for yourself and receive 20% off!


In the mean time, read up on our labradorite fun facts below!

Labradorite has labradoresence.

The base color of labradorite is a dark smoky grey, but when light strikes the stone, it displays beautiful rainbow colored reflections. This effect is so unique to labradorite that it is referred to as "labradoresence."

We don't just love it because it's beautiful.

According to esoteric and mythical practices, labradorite is bountiful in it's healing and intuitive properties. It is often regarded as being helpful in stress and pain reduction as well as aiding in the health of the throat chakra. 

It's like having our own piece of the sky.

Inuit legend holds one of our favorite stories of labradorite origin. According to the tale, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. A wandering warrior found them and freed most of the lights with a mighty blow from his spear; however, some of the northern lights remained trapped along the coast- still holding the beauty and magic of the Aurora Borealis.

We're fond of the idea of wearing The Northern Lights around our necks. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is here again!  With such an expansive collection of merchandise, we thought we would help get your gears turning and offer up a mother's day gift guide of some of our favorite pieces.


Stud Love

Studs are not only one the trendiest accessories on the market today, but perfect for new moms battling the earring pulling habits of a toddler. We love these simple, geometric shapes from our local friends at Gem & Blue. 

"M" is for "Mom"

Initials are a simple, customizable way to evoke the made-just-for-you-sentimentality of elementary school crafts. Mix metals, add a birthstone, let us help you make something special! We have almost every initial in stock now, but hurry in because these best sellers always go fast.

Minimal Mama

For the low maintenance mother we have dainty, minimalist necklaces in every metal color! Layer them up or let them fly solo,  these delicate finds will quickly become any mom on the go's go to everyday necklace. 

La Madre Boheme  

Everybody, we have new 31 Bits in the shop! This spring, they've really mixed up their classic beaded strands with bohemian inspired brass plates handmade by women in Bali. We like to layer them with organic shaped gold-fill necklaces. 

Colorfully Classic

Of course we had to throw some Firefly in the mix. We just received a huge shipment, with plenty of beautiful sets to bedazzle the wardrobes of all. These sparkly statements are easy to dress up for work, play, or even on t-shirt and jeans days. 

Rocking Rosegold 

We've been steadily working on expanding our rose gold fill and plate collections in the shop.  Some of our favorites are these pieces that mix soft rose gold with mystic labradorite and moonstone. 

The Gift of Choice

Sometimes, you just can't pinpoint the best gift.  But fear not, loyal patrons! We have you covered. You can get a gift card for any amount.  Pair it with one of our floral Mother's Day cards  and let us wrap it up for you.

So there you have it! Don't forget to stop into our sister store Sarah O Jewelry for casual couture finds. 

Best Wishes!