Spring in the Mountains

The mountains are a great place to go when you need a weekend away from the city; but dressing appropriately for Spring, let alone the mountains can be tricky. In the Spring layers are your best friend. They allow you to bundle up when it starts to get breezy and easy to remove when the sun appears. -- Making the poncho the perfect wardrobe accessory. The style below is our take on the traditional rustic style by using natural colors to complete the look. Casual clothing and jewelry


The look below is a more trendy mountain look and was completed by pairing a military jacket with a satin dress. We kept the jewelry simple and classic so it doesn't takeaway from the rest of the outfit.

Rock n Roll Mountains



Ombre Cowl Poncho from Rustic Thread, $65

Chalcedony Earrings Chalcedony Slab Earrings, $50

Colorado Local Designer Classic Guitar String Bangles, $20 Studded Guitar String Bangles, $28

Labordite, Chalcedony Stone Gold Plated Labordite and Chalcedony Ring, $80

Faux Brown Leather Bag Faux Brown Leather cross body bag, $73

Mountain Style

Ecote Military Jacket, $75

Moonstone Studs Moonstone stud earrings, $64

Colorado jewelry

State necklace, $32-$35

Nickel Bracelet Liquid Metal bracelet, $120

Shiraleah Handbags Faux black leather cross body bag, $73


Ooh la la


Beat the Heat With Summer Hats

One of the best things about summer is getting to wear all those fun clothes you packed away last winter! Spice up any summer outfit with a stylish hat--with so many styles to choose from you can't go wrong. We are in love with these big floppy hats--perfect for the beach, picnics, or even a party.  




Try a vintage-inspired shape for a little flair...these really flatter any face shape and are way more fun than your basic fedora! They can be simple and chic or a little sweet with bows and decorations.



Cotton hats travel well and are light, comfortable, and cute. We have lots more styles like these in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Some are even adjustable to get the perfect fit for your head size. Stop by to see our selection and try them all on!