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Gifts for Grads

Let us help you find the perfect gift to celebrate your Graduate! initial rings at ooh aah jewelry


Initial Rings - $75 The initial ring is the perfect personalized gift, sure to make your grad jump for joy. The size and color make it an easy everyday wear, and they combined perfectly with every outfit. (Custom made in Denver, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.)

Moonstone Ear Cuff Earrings

Moonstone Ear Cuff Earrings -$225 Cuffs are what all the kids are wearing nowadays- Ear Cuffs that is. Keep your grad looking chic with these moonstone ear cuffs that will take any outfit to the next level.

rose gold double hoop earrings at ooh aah jewelry

Mini Double Hoop Earrings - $58 With a little more pizzaz than your regular small hoop, these mini double hoops are perfect for everyday wear. Your grad might never take them off!  

stud earring collections at ooh aah jewelry

Stud Earring Collections - $25-$65 Perfect for any budget! Come in the store and chose from the many different combinations, you're bound to find a great combination for your grad. You can never have enough studs!

sterling silver and labradorite earrings at ooh aah jewelry

Labradorite & Sterling Silver Earrings - $32 These mini labradorite dangle earrings are perfect for your on the go grad. They're a simple grab and go kind of earring, that make a statement.

hobo wallets at ooh aah jewelry

Hobo Wallets - $88 What better way to start off the next chapter of life than with a new wallet? Our Hobo wallets are designed by women for women, and have the perfect pockets for everything a girl might need. Plus, high-quality leather in rich hues to hold up against daily wear and tear.

Style: Valentine's Date Night

I know it's hard to believe but Valentine's Day is right around the corner! So whether you are celebrating the night in or going out we have put together 2 great looks to help you get ready for your date night.

Look 1

This Fun & Chic look is created with a metallic structured dress and Labordite &  gold jewelry.

Girls night out outfit

Dress: Alice + Olivia $238 Earrings: $113 Necklace: $285 Bracelet: $70 Ring: $100 Clutch: $55

Look 2

This elegant and tasteful look is created with a navy lace dress and Sapphire & diamond jewelry.

Elegant outfit

Dress: John Lewis, $390 Earrings: $1,260 Necklace: $2,212 Ring: $1,265 Clutch: $43

Excellent Emeralds

  Historically emeralds have been prized as the gems of royalty, romance, and intrigue. They have been said to help people foresee the future and also have properties that can aid in health, love, and happiness. This makes emeralds a meaningful gift for a loved one.

Did you know that emeralds are the traditional gift for a 55th anniversary?




Emeralds are graded differently from diamonds, and inclusions and imperfections are more acceptable in emeralds than in any other stone. Natural flaws in emeralds are considered part of the character of the stone and assure the purchaser that the stone is natural rather than lab-created.

Unlike diamonds, whose clarity must be evaluated under 10x magnification, emeralds' clarity is graded with the naked eye.




Emeralds can range in color from blue green to yellow green. Although their hardness is rated 7.5 to 8 on a scale of ten, their durability and toughness is only considered fair to good because of their natural inclusions.

For comparison, diamonds have a hardness of 10 and turquoise is 5 to 6. Because emeralds naturally have internal fractures it has become industry standard to "oil" treat the fractures to minimize their appearance.