Red Gold

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is appearing in jewelry more and more each day. It first made its appearance in Russia in the early 19th century and became known as Russian Gold. Somewhere along the lines it fizzled out and  is making a comeback in the 21st century, now known as Pink or Rose Gold. The color is made by adding a little bit of copper to the Gold mixture, thus making it appear pink! We are seeing this precious metal appear in bridal jewelry and love the way it looks with a Morganite! The Rose Gold compliments the Morganite and really makes is shine.

Pink Gold Morganite and Diamond Engagement Rings

Try adding a rough cut or a brown diamond for a nontraditional engagement ring.

Rose Gold with Cognac Diamond or Pink Rough Cut

Love the look of Rose Gold but don't have the money to spend for an everyday piece? Try copper! It will give you a similar appearance but at a fraction of the cost.

Alternative to Rose Gold Jewelry