Color of the Year: Fuchsia

Pantone recently released that the new color of the year is Radiant Orchid, also known as Fuchsia! This color stands for joy, love, and health. Fuchsia has pink and purple undertones so when worn it produces a healthy glow look. Because of the unique cool and warm tones found in Fuchsia, it is a color that works incredibly well with many hair, eye, and skin tones. 2014 Color of the year

Stop on by to take a look at our Radiant Orchid jewelry and accessories! Also, for a fun twist, try pairing Fuchsia with red or shades of purple and pink.

Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski Earrings: $45-$68

Recycled material bangles

Recycled Guitar String Bangles with stones: $28

Ayla Bar Earrings

Mixed Media Earrings: $63

Ayla Bar Bracelet

Mixed Media Bracelet: $250

Purple/pink purse

Vegan Suede Clutch: $30


Color Hue: Emerald

These days we are starting to see more and more of the jewel tone Emerald pop up in our day to day lives. And it is quite fitting that in 2013 it was the color of the year! The color green stands for growth and renewal, and we thought there is no better color to start of our new year. Here at Ooh! Aah! we have a variety of unique Emerald jewelry pieces accented in both silver and gold. We also have a great selection of green accessories, such as handbags, wallets, and candles.