Nickel Bracelets

Designer Spotlight: Liquid Metal Collection

Liquid Metal Collection bracelets are some of our favorites here at Ooh Aah--we love how these unique pieces can easily make any outfit feel more special!


Sergio Gutierrez is the designer behind Liquid Metal. In 1991 he moved to San Francisco from Colombia to begin researching ways of using ball chain to create a mesh like fabric. After 2 years he developed what is now the basis of his Liquid Metal Mesh line of jewelry and accessories.

In 1996 his company began growing with the addition of Nordstrom, Bebe, and Cache. His designs are collected and worn by celebrities such as: Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia Wettig, Marilyn Manson, Sara Michelle Gellar, Sharon Stone, Thalia, Tyra Banks, and many more.

His jewelry is favored by many who value comfortable and unique jewelry that can be worn every day-dressed up or down! With their smooth, mesh-like qualities these bracelets feel like fabric against the skin. They are also durable and are easy to put on and off with their snap and magnetic closures.

Sergio's new earring collection uses the same techniques as his bracelets to create glam chandelier earrings...we love these showstoppers!

All of our Liquid Metals jewelry is maintenance-free. Made of a nickel alloy, these pieces have an amazing shine that won't tarnish.