November Birthstones

There are two birthstones for the month of November: Topaz and Citrine. Topaz can come in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow, green, pink, and shades of blue. Natural topaz is typically white and it is routinely heat treated to bring out the colors in the stone. Certain colors such as pink and the orange-yellow Imperial Topaz are more rare and thus more valuable. Natural blue topaz is very rare. The name Topaz may come from the Sanskrit word for fire, "tapaz." It may also come from the word "Topazos" which is the former name of an island in the Red Sea where an early discovery of Topaz was made.

Topaz is considered to be a "cooling" gem in comparison to ruby which is a "hot" gem. It is thought to purify emotions, remove stagnant energy, and represents gentleness, friendship, fidelity, and integrity.

Citrine has a warm tone and can come in a variety of colors from light yellow to rich amber and brown tones. It is a rare form of quartz and its name comes from the word "citron" which is the French word for lemon. Ancient Romans are thought to be one of the first societies to use Citrine in jewelry but it became more popular during the Romantic Period due to its warm tones. Historically it was worn as a talisman to protect against evil and symbolizes hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, and fidelity.

Topaz and Citrine are less durable than other precious gems such as sapphires and therefore should be treated with care. Clean with a gentle cleaning solution such as our Sun Ray cleaner or warm soapy water and avoid hard knocks or extended exposure to sun, which can alter the color of both stones.

A gift of Topaz symbolizes friendship and strengthens the capacity to give and receive love. A gift of Citrine symbolizes strength and hope.