Letter Necklaces

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Here at Ooh Aah we love letter necklaces! They are such an easy gift and come in a variety of styles to suit anyone's taste. The great thing about letter jewelry is that it can mean anything you want--what will your letter stand for? A family name, children's names, your first name, or the name of a loved one who has passed, a birth month, a city or place of importance, or even your initial combined with a significant other's initial, the possibilities are endless.


Combine our letter charms with our other sterling silver and gold plated charms to make a unique necklace that is full of meaning. Add a precious stone charm custom-made from our large stone collection. It's easy to add more letters later for special occasions like the birth of a child.

Many of our letter charms are by Waxing Poetic out of Carpinteria, California. All their products are produced by Balinese artisans who are treated with respect and paid fairly. Waxing Poetic makes jewelry that commemorates your life through personal, imaginative designs in sterling silver and mixed metals as well as a variety of antique-inspired fabrications. Mix and match styles for  a layered look.

For a more dainty look we have beautiful cursive letter charms and stamped round tags. These look great combined with other charms or by themselves, and are sterling silver and gold plated.

Wood letter tiles are rustic and natural--ours are etched with old-style wood block type that gives them a fun and casual look.

Some of our best-selling items are these simple and elegant letter necklaces. The letter is hung off-center in the chain, making them very unique. The short chain makes these so easy to wear everyday and to layer with other necklaces.

Let us know what your favorite letter necklace style is!