Guitar String Bracelets

What's your style?

Did you know that the bracelet has evolved over time, that they used to have meaning? It once used to show the number of battles one has survived, a leather wrist cuff for practicing archery, and a way of showing off how wealthy one's husband is. Today, the bracelet is just another accessory; but it will always be a way of expressing oneself! We love that there are all sorts of styles:

The special occasion bracelet White Topaz and white gold bracelet

 This bracelet is made of 14k white gold with white sapphires and diamonds ($2,649)

Sterling silver and opal

 Sterling silver bracelet with bezel set opals

The delicate bracelet Delicate bracelet

 Oxidized sterling silver chain with prehnite gemstones

simple bracelet

 Beaded layering bracelet with purple amethyst, turquoise and citrine

The Chunk Bracelet Statement bracelet

 Hammered brass cuff

Breaking Bad bracelet

 Liquid metal mesh bracelets available in assorted patterns and widths

The Bangle Bracelet Guitar String Bangles

 Guitar string bangles ($20 each)

Adriana Neves

 Bronze bangles ($60 each)

Bracelets are a great way to add detail and charm to your outfit. Whether they are worn alone or stacked together. They are also a way to draw attention toward your hand and can be a great compliment to that right hand ring or your wedding set. Here at Ooh! Aah! you can choose from so many wonderful designs and be sure to find the style that fits you best! Build your own collection and enjoy the journey, a little something new and something different to begin a new year! Happy 2015!

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Ooh! Aah! Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is always hard on the budget let alone trying to stay within that budget. Check out our What to Give Guide for gifts in budget-friendly price ranges. $30 and under

Our ever so popular letter necklaces are only $25! These delicate necklaces come in a combination of gold and silver plate making them perfect for everyday wear.

We also have these intricate cutout earrings ranging from $18 - $30. They are made of iron and plated in silver or gold, making them super light.

Did you know that studs are back? We have a variety to choose from in any price range, but these are some of our favorite! They have just enough sparkle making them perfect for a holiday party.

We can't forget the fan favorite: the guitar string bangle. These are made by a local artist using recycled materials. Choose between a plain guitar string for only $20 or add a little extra flair with a turquoise or onyx stone for $28 (pictured below).

$50 and under

These bright clutches are one of our most popular handbag styles. They come in a variety of colors and a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit.

Loved ones always enjoy receiving a made gift and these Lenny and Eva bracelets are a great way to achieve this! All you need to do is choose a sentiment and a type of band!

$100 and under

This delicate gold filled brushed necklace is a piece that will never go out of style.

Here at Ooh! Aah! we are loving these little beaded necklaces. They come in a selection of different color combinations and shapes.

$200 and under

Now these are a statement earring and the PERFECT holiday accessory! These particular earrings are green amethyst with white topaz.

This necklace is from a new local designer we just started carrying and we can't seem to keep her jewelry on the shelf!

If you are wanting to get a piece of jewelry with a stone but don't know what color to look for you will always be safe with Labordite! Labordite is a gray stone that will pick up intense blues and green in the light!