Antique inspired Ring

Designer Spotlight: Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield is one of our favorite jewelry designers working with precious gems. His beautiful engagement rings are eye-catching, original designs that draw inspiration from antique art deco rings while being anything but ordinary.

Michael traveled extensively during his younger years and became interested in the cultures he visited and the importance of ornamentation, jewelry, and precious stones around the world.

His unique jewelry blends authentic antique styles with contemporary design to create wearable, high-quality pieces with an attention to detail that sets them apart from any other.

For example, Michael's diamond hoops are clean, delicate, and elegant but with a little surprise—the back of the hoop is also lined with diamonds inside giving it and extra boost of sparkle.

Stunning diamond studs in a variety of sizes are created with several smaller stones for a big impact without breaking the bank.




An emerald pendant and ring with subtle geometric details. The shape of this pendant is so unique!

Michael Schofield & Co. is committed to producing high quality jewelry with fair labor practices and ethical and environment accountability. With a extensive knowledge of gemstones and committed relationships with suppliers around the world Michael Schofield has become known for his well-made jewelry that you will treasure for a lifetime.