Style Guide: A Whole New Look

Have you ever noticed how jewelry can completely change an outfit? It's amazing how you could wear the exact same thing and just change out your jewelry and it looks like something completely different! The style below would be a perfect weekender look. For a more casual look, the long necklace is your best friend. Then add a pair of earrings, hoops are classic but these have a twist, they are front facing!

casual style

This style below would work great for work or even a date night! This whole look is based on this beautiful statement necklace. We paired some simple stud earrings and a bracelet. By keeping the rest of the jewelry simple the necklace will just pop!

Gold filled teardrop earrings, $93

Gold hoops

Long gold plated leaf necklace, $38

Long Gold leaf necklace

Gold plated linked bracelet, $30

Gold Link Bracelet

Sterling silver stud earrings, $80

Silver Earrings

Sterling silver bangle bracelet, $55 each

Silver Bangle

Sterling silver statement necklace, $320

statement necklace

Forest Mod Nautical Dress, Rustic Thread, $55

Spring Dress